6 Great Ad-ops resources

Top tip: Listicles are a great way to improve SEO and self-promote. Who knew.

However, this is a small industry – let’s take a moment to shout out the wonderful humans who are trying to make our lives a little easier. These guys are truly doing great things in our industry.

The Online Advertising Guide

Whether you follow him on LinkedIn or read his emails – these guys help to simplify the Online Advertising industry. Let’s be honest – we all need a little clarity no matter how experienced we are.  They have 291 Updates on LinkedIn – all of which are educational and well designed posted. He only has 35 followers on LinkedIn. Show him some love.


Despite being producing ‘Ad Engine’, I like to imagine their founder was simultaneously an ad-operations manager who liked Gin. They provide great insights into common problems we all struggle to explain to our clients with undeniable statistics.


The most active communities within the ad operations scene. Everything from Job Alerts to discussion about ads.txt. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on,

What Happens in Adops

Undeniably the best resource in advertising. Technically useful? No. Practically helpful? No. Mentally helpful. Fuck yeah. Come Friday after a manic week on the tools – it’s second to wine. Pull up a pew and hit the random.



Amount 8 times a week, people come to me and ask I question, typically I look them in the eye and write their question into Google before reciting the first answer than pops up.


What is a listicle without some self SEO-promotion. At least we left it to number 6.

We have a CPM calculator, character counter, 3PAS Tag Testers & even a UTM Link Builder. All free.

Who said SEO is dead. I just hope you enjoyed my commentary.




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