Releasing Adop.Tools 3.0 BETA

Finally after 9 months of slow-development, I am proud to release the beta version of my site. While this release comes with no additional functionality, I hope it is more functional and modualar allowing more efficient developments in the future.

The original site will remain open until I see greater engagement/time on site on the new site – at which point I will fully release the new UI.

Going forward, I finally have greater resource to build out greater functionality of the site and tools we offer in addition to refining the existing partners with one’s who greater align with those of who are actively using the tool.




6 Great Ad-ops resources

Top tip: Listicles are a great way to improve SEO and self-promote. Who knew.

However, this is a small industry – let’s take a moment to shout out the wonderful humans who are trying to make our lives a little easier. These guys are truly doing great things in our industry.

The Online Advertising Guide

Whether you follow him on LinkedIn or read his emails – these guys help to simplify the Online Advertising industry. Let’s be honest – we all need a little clarity no matter how experienced we are.  They have 291 Updates on LinkedIn – all of which are educational and well designed posted. He only has 35 followers on LinkedIn. Show him some love.


Despite being producing ‘Ad Engine’, I like to imagine their founder was simultaneously an ad-operations manager who liked Gin. They provide great insights into common problems we all struggle to explain to our clients with undeniable statistics.


The most active communities within the ad operations scene. Everything from Job Alerts to discussion about ads.txt. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on,

What Happens in Adops

Undeniably the best resource in advertising. Technically useful? No. Practically helpful? No. Mentally helpful. Fuck yeah. Come Friday after a manic week on the tools – it’s second to wine. Pull up a pew and hit the random.


Amount 8 times a week, people come to me and ask I question, typically I look them in the eye and write their question into Google before reciting the first answer than pops up. 

What is a listicle without some self SEO-promotion. At least we left it to number 6.

We have a CPM calculator, character counter, 3PAS Tag Testers & even a UTM Link Builder. All free.

Who said SEO is dead. I just hope you enjoyed my commentary.



4 new tools, a glossary, 6 partners & more. was founded from a need to bring together a number of tools that we use on a daily basis. We want to present these tools in a much more user friendly and simplistic way that currently offered.

Today our new site went live which along with a design update, we introduced the following new tools:

  • URI Encode/Decode – change out the ‘%26’s for the & symbol and vice versa.
  • Ad Checker – simply requests an ad-size of your preference to check if your advertiser is correctly retargeting and displaying correctly through GDN.
  • User String Agent/IP data – help debug ad-requests.
  • Glossary – Coming soon. 




Simple. That’s it.

If you look at web-design over the last 20 years, we started at simple. As we became better coders – it made sense to developers to try fill a webpage with information – it became a bit of phenomenon – peaking at the 1 million pixel concept found here. But weirdly enough from there the blame shifted to markets. Analytics suggested that more content is better, and therefore it then become key for websites to have more info on the webpage.

A prime exhibition of this was my marketing lecturer who once showed off his website genius to this day, I hope he was joking for his truly atrocious web design – designed by a marketer with no web development at all.

Still to this day, I see sites that crush my sole a little – alas, I am no designer but a site should be plain and simple. That’s it.





Homecoming &

Eight months travelling through South and Central America with over 250 spent hours in buses, learning Spanish from street vendors, and becoming a DiveMaster in Colombia – I am now entering the final phase of my trip, one with unique challenges: Job Hunting from Guatemala.

Living in the paradise that is Lake Atitlan, its a tough contrast to go from working in a bar drinking cheap rum, taking candle lit yoga classes and swimming in a volcanic crater and then switch to a more professional attitude, trying to find computer time in an absence of WiFi to reach out to recruiters and apply for roles on the other side of the world – but here’s to hoping my pro-activity will eventually pay off.

In fear of getting too future-focused on my trip of a lifetime, I have decided to pull reserve funds to enjoy my final two weeks of travelling and enjoy my current situation which I know I am very lucky to be in. But at the end of those two weeks will be a fairly rapid transition back to reality, travelling from the South of Mexico to Auckland, via Los Angeles in less than 36 hours – and into Corporate board rooms for interviews less than 24 hours later, perhaps enough time for a hair cut and shave.

Other than the obvious, one of the things I am most excited for, is to return to one of my side projects AdOp Tools that I began 18 months – originally started in the process of learning the basics of coding, but somehow it came along a lot further than I expected and since I left New Zealand has been used by over 600 users across New Zealand, Australia, United States & United Kingdom without any additional development in 9 months – a some what impressive achievement considering how specific the website actually is.

The idea stemmed from my days in Ad-operations with Trade Me, where I would use a number of complicated sites on a daily basis to calculate CPM’s, Cost to Client, add UTM codes, test TPAs – so I decided to bring it all together, simplistically.

I found a good domain name and registered it, smiling to myself thinking ‘I am half way there’, grabbing a beer from the fridge. I sat down, opened up NotePad++ when I realised I had no idea what I was doing.

Cue the first google – ‘How to start a website’, 711 million results – Great. I opened the first one and began a 9 month journey. There was a lot of frustrating late nights and a few complete restarts, I moved past HTML and into CSS, from Javascript into PHP and before long was setting up a Google developer account to leverage their API’s.

I know the site needs a lot of development, especially on mobile/low resolution screens and unfortunately I haven’t been able to dedicate any time to it in the last 9 months but it is reassuring that the site is still being used in my absence, even being referenced on the Ad Operations sub-reddit sidebar and I even had a number of my calculators/tools included on AdnGins ‘The Complete Ad Operations ToolKit: 26 tools‘.

From the onset my project has been more about learning that actually monetizing the concept, but just like the travelling trip of a lifetime – the 250+ hours sitting, learning new languages and taking on new challenges are the best part.

See you soon reality, I hope the beers are ready.